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Because every one of these systems is going to be highly individual to your situation – existing equipment, desired equipment, and desired level and type of monitoring – we cannot cover every possible combination here, but encourage you to contact a local alarm company or the original manufacturer of your wired system to see what your options are.

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The Philips Hue app enables you to set alarms, timers, trigger actions, and make the lights come on and go off at a certain time each day.

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Learn more about how much home security systems cost here.

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home security systems northern ky

Nest, one of the more popular manufacturers of home security products, just released Nest Secure, which comes with a main security unit Nest Guard, two key fobs Nest Tags that arm and disarm the main unit, and two motion and open/close sensors Nest Detect that easily stick on to window or doors. Once you install the system, you can arm or disarm it by waving a key fob over the Nest Guard, punching in a security code on the unit’s keypad, or using the Nest app. Give a Nest Tag to your dog walker, house cleaner, neighbor, or friend, and they can easily arm and disarm the system as they come and go. Wisenet and Ring make doorbells that monitor the front of your house 24/7, offer two way audio so you can talk to the person standing on your doorstep even if you’re traveling on another continent, and provide one way video so you can see the person or just check in live to see what’s happening in your front yard. Wisenet’s SmartCam D1 replaces your existing hard wired doorbell, while the Ring Video Doorbell can be hard wired or just run on its long lasting rechargeable battery it won’t make your doorbell ring inside if it’s not hard wired, but you can add the Chime Pro, a WiFi extender for all your Ring devices, which can emit an audible sound when someone rings your doorbell. Both the SmartCam D1 and Ring doorbell connect to your home’s WiFi, and require a subscription to store video in the cloud.

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