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Our monitoring station is a 24/7 Security Monitoring Center with a "5 diamond" rating from the Central Station Alarm Association CSAA.

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Headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, Guardian Protection is the world’s largest privately held home security company.

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” You can select specific areas for Presence to alert you about with the alert zones feature; this very precise capacity helps you to know immediately what is happening outside your home and is helpful because each home is unique, and you can customize alerts and notifications to match your specific needs.

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By ensuring that your neighborhood and home are adequately lit, then you are deterring burglars from targeting your home.

internet of things home security systems

The feeling of loss and violation that the article mentions is something that have experienced firsthand and never want to feel again. It made me fear for my own safety, the safety of my family and the security of my property and belongings. There are items that go well beyond any kind of monetary value to me such as pictures and family heirlooms. Losing those could never be made up for. Fortunately, the break in only netted a few electronic items such as my digital camera and laptop computer which I had pretty well backed up onto an external hard drive. Altogether, about $2,000 worth of property was taken from the premises, but it could have been worse.

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When I got my first bill, I had not got the free month as offered by email, the bill to my surprise was 24.

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